Drama workshop

Last Friday we worked alongside a drama specialist who taught us many top tips to utilise during our rehearsal and performance. The first half of the morning focused on different techniques which allowed us to speak with a greater level of expression. We then applied these skills in our Macbeth rehearsal picking apart scene 5 and scene 9.

Temple Newsam

This week we were very lucky to go on a trip to Temple Newsum. The trip allowed us to roam around and discover the history of a building that was over 500 years old and was built near the time of William Shakespeare. We undertook two exciting activities that brought our learning to life. Firstly, we used the ornate decorations of the house to design and then make a fantastical beast out of clay.

Secondly, we learnt about the interesting history of the stately home and took part in a thrilling murder mystery investigation.

And so the adventure begins…

Over the last week and half in 5RA we have begun our Macbeth rehearsals. We started off being quite nervous and anxious about delivering our lines however we have started to work like a real Shakespearean cast. We have worked on several aspects of drama from projecting our lines to speaking in unison to add extra dynamics to our stage presence.

Mrs Lynch has done an amazing job at bring our opening scene to life. She has created a dance that really sets the scene and sets our performance off with a high octane introduction.