What are these that look not like th’ inhabitants o’ th’ Earth?

During our rehearsals for the first scene of Macbeth we looked closely at the witches. Firstly, we used art to help illustrate the witches’ grotesque appearance and then read different writer’s depiction of the witches to clarify new words that we could use in our own writing. This helped us to produce some excellent descriptions that allowed the characters to come to life. Niamh produced an excellent piece of work that really demonstrated the witches horrifying appearance.

Macbeth the warrior

During our initial introduction to Macbeth we learnt that before the play begins Macbeth and Banquo had been defending Scotland from the vicious attack of the Norwegian army. We then imagined that we were Macbeth or Banquo waiting to go into battle upon the barren heath. Kian produced a magnificent description of the battle that really captured the mood and detailed the characters feelings.


All hail Macbeth!

Over the last two weeks, 5RA have been incredibly busy rehearsing for our performance of Macbeth. We have used drama and art to inform and inspire our creative writing from writing descriptions of the grotesque witches to envisioning ourselves as Macbeth upon the barren heath.





Unlocking the secrets of the Indus Valley

This week we held our Indus Valley exhibition which celebrated our topic learning. It included work from all subject areas from Matisse style collages to newspaper reports. It was wonderful for the children to have so many interested adults to come and find out about our learning and experience the exhibition first hand.

We have lift off!

Last week we designed and this week we have built our own rockets. We had to take into consideration many different factors such as making the rocket streamlined so that it travels faster and we had to utilise air resistance in order to protect our astronaut (egg) when it lands back on Earth. Tomorrow we will be launching our rockets.


Rewind for Easter

This week we were lucky to participate in an event at Moortown Baptist Church called ‘Rewind for Easter.’ The event aimed to give a dramatic retelling of the Easter story and gave us the opportunity to create some lovely craft items.

D’ART project

On Tuesday we continued our D’ART project with a group of Leeds Beckett University students who organised several work shops for us to undertake. We worked with stop motion animation, used a dark room to create intriguing images and wrote haikus about our visit to the woods.


Antarctic Adventure

To celebrate our topic we went on an Antarctic expedition. Firstly, we were given a series of clues that led us all around school finally leading us on to the field. After everyone had managed to complete our initial task we then split into three groups to create our dens using string, tarpaulin and bamboo. We had to use team work in order to put our shelters up which was made even more difficult by the wind.

Maths Week

This week was a school wide maths week with a particular focus on maths in the workplace. Year 5 and year 6 looked at how maths impacts the role of an engineer so on Friday morning we undertake a problem solving activity that helped us understand the skills the job required. We were give some items to build a structure with certain specifications; the base had to be the size of A4 paper, it had to hold the weight of an orange and it had to stand without anyone touching it. The children worked in house teams to design and create a structure. The winning teams design was quite simple but was incredibly effective as it used a strong and stable base.