Drama workshop

Last Friday we worked alongside a drama specialist who taught us many top tips to utilise during our rehearsal and performance. The first half of the morning focused on different techniques which allowed us to speak with a greater level of expression. We then applied these skills in our Macbeth rehearsal picking apart scene 5 and scene 9.

Temple Newsam

This week we were very lucky to go on a trip to Temple Newsum. The trip allowed us to roam around and discover the history of a building that was over 500 years old and was built near the time of William Shakespeare. We undertook two exciting activities that brought our learning to life. Firstly, we used the ornate decorations of the house to design and then make a fantastical beast out of clay.

Secondly, we learnt about the interesting history of the stately home and took part in a thrilling murder mystery investigation.

And so the adventure begins…

Over the last week and half in 5RA we have begun our Macbeth rehearsals. We started off being quite nervous and anxious about delivering our lines however we have started to work like a real Shakespearean cast. We have worked on several aspects of drama from projecting our lines to speaking in unison to add extra dynamics to our stage presence.

Mrs Lynch has done an amazing job at bring our opening scene to life. She has created a dance that really sets the scene and sets our performance off with a high octane introduction.

Letter from our local MP

Over last few weeks we have been reading a book called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class,’ which details the story of a young Syrian refugee named Ahmet and his experience of moving to Britain. Throughout the story it is clear that Ahmet’s arrival is divisive meaning lots of the characters display differing views on the refugee crisis. We felt so impassioned by Ahmet’s story that we decided to write a letter to our local MP, Fabian Hamilton to see if he could help us convince everybody of the importance of accepting refugees into our local community. We sent off our letters and received this response,

Dear Class 5RA,
Thank you so much for contacting me about Ahmet, and telling me how you are helping him to settle in to your class and to a new life so far from his homeland. You have asked me for my opinions about whether the city of Leeds should welcome refugees and to comment on the issues raised by a number of parents and children, and I am happy to share my views with you all.
Of course, at a time when money for education seem to be limited, some people will think that the cost of supporting Ahmet might mean that there is less available for other things. However, I agree with the point made by many of you in your letters, that Ahmet’s presence in the class enriches everybody’s experience of school. Not only does his story teach us about the world’s cultures, faiths and politics, but simply working alongside someone with a different language helps everyone to improve their own communication skills, too. When extra help is available in the classroom, everyone benefits, including your teachers!
I was pleased that so many of you believed that Ahmet’s human rights are the most important thing to consider. I believe that we in the United Kingdom have a duty to help children who are the innocent victims of war and persecution. I believe that every child should have the right to feel safe so that they can benefit from education. I know that children like Ahmet can grow up to make a huge contribution not only to the United Kingdom but also to the world, so long as schools like Allerton CE Primary gives them the chance to flourish.
May I end by saying how impressed I was by the thoughtfulness and high standard of expression of the letters which you sent me. I am proud to know that these letters were written by young people in North East Leeds.
Yours sincerely,
Fabian Hamilton
Labour Member of Parliament for Leeds North East


Tony Peek

We were lucky to be visited by poet Tony Peek who read many of his poems and helped us learn about loads of different poetic devices such as alliteration. We also learnt different strategies to help our own poetry writing.

The Blah’s visit

We were joined by The Blahs Theatre Company who used us to trial their new piece of immersive drama. We imagined we were visiting the Discovery Centre and met the people who work there. We also were greeted by a real life suffragette. 

Antarctic Rescue Mission

After weeks of preparation and planning 5RA finally undertook our Antarctic rescue mission to save Jeremy Arnott. The class have put in so much work organising the expedition from applying for different roles, holding a press conference and writing a letter to the head of Mountain Rescue. I am glad to say we were successful in our mission and managed to rescue Jeremy from the grips of the icy continent.

Trip to Moortown Library

On Tuesday we were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to visit Moortown library. The experience allowed us to see the incredible selection of books the library has to offer particularly on our new topic of Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton. We made Lego landscape to show some of the scenes that Shackleton faced in his failed mission to the South Pole.


Leeds City Museum

As part of our topic learning we visited Leeds City Museum to undertake an Ancient Greece workshop. The trip allowed us to learn more about this fascinating era of history and see some real artefacts from the time period.

Greek cooking

We were very lucky in 5RA to have Stathi’s mum come into our class to teach us some Greek cookery skills. We learnt how to make a Greek style cheese pie and tzatziki. We then tried our creations which were incredibly delicious. Thank you once again to Stathi’s mum for taking the time to come and teach us.