Macbeth’s curtain call!

As the curtain falls on our Macbeth performance I think now is the perfect time to reflect on the whole experience. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the children grow in confidence and show a real passion for one of Shakespeare’s most challenging plays. They have allowed themselves to become immersed in Shakespeare and have demonstrated a real desire to learn more about the man himself and his universal plays.

The experience has allowed the children the opportunity to fully engage with a play many would deem too complex for children of their age, understand the reasons for characters dispositions and ultimately enable them to work like professional actors. That’s not say it has all been smooth sailing with several setbacks along the way. However, through perseverance, dedication and creativity they have demonstrated a tenacious passion for drama.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and staff alike for whom none of this would have been possible from helping them children learn their lines, supporting backstage and being flexible to accommodate our rehearsal schedule.

The children have undoubtedly produced a piece of work that stood up against their older peers and for that they should be truly proud.

6 thoughts on “Macbeth’s curtain call!

  1. A very well done to you all for your hard work and commitment, resulting in you putting on a fantastic show last night! 😁


  2. well done other witches and everyone else. Lizzie has to be my favourite actor in the play. She spoke like a witch, acted like a witch and said her lines clear and loud. Well done everyone in the preformance xxxx

  3. Congratulations and very well done to you all 5RA! Your performance was magnificent and we all really enjoyed it! You should all be so proud of all your hard work. You are all stars! Many thanks to Mr Ash and Mrs Burrows 👏


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