Macbeth Company Workshop

We were lucky to be invited to the Carriageworks theatre to firstly look at the stage we will be performing on in a matter of weeks. However, the main purpose of the trip was to improve a scene that we have been  working on in class. We chose to focus on scene 9 in which the witches return to offer Macbeth further prophesies. During the course of the afternoon, we worked on our movements which really helped the progression and intensity of the scene.


3 thoughts on “Macbeth Company Workshop

  1. It sounds like you’ve all been working really hard! I hope you’re all really enjoying yourselves, well done! Look forward to seeing your performance

  2. Well done 5RA and good luck for the performance! It takes alot of hard work, coperation and bravery to performe in front of lots of people. Good luck.

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