Tony Peek

We were lucky to be visited by poet Tony Peek who read many of his poems and helped us learn about loads of different poetic devices such as alliteration. We also learnt different strategies to help our own poetry writing.

The Blah’s visit

We were joined by The Blahs Theatre Company who used us to trial their new piece of immersive drama. We imagined we were visiting the Discovery Centre and met the people who work there. We also were greeted by a real life suffragette. 

Antarctic Rescue Mission

After weeks of preparation and planning 5RA finally undertook our Antarctic rescue mission to save Jeremy Arnott. The class have put in so much work organising the expedition from applying for different roles, holding a press conference and writing a letter to the head of Mountain Rescue. I am glad to say we were successful in our mission and managed to rescue Jeremy from the grips of the icy continent.

Trip to Moortown Library

On Tuesday we were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to visit Moortown library. The experience allowed us to see the incredible selection of books the library has to offer particularly on our new topic of Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton. We made Lego landscape to show some of the scenes that Shackleton faced in his failed mission to the South Pole.


Leeds City Museum

As part of our topic learning we visited Leeds City Museum to undertake an Ancient Greece workshop. The trip allowed us to learn more about this fascinating era of history and see some real artefacts from the time period.

Greek cooking

We were very lucky in 5RA to have Stathi’s mum come into our class to teach us some Greek cookery skills. We learnt how to make a Greek style cheese pie and tzatziki. We then tried our creations which were incredibly delicious. Thank you once again to Stathi’s mum for taking the time to come and teach us.


The story of Persephone

We were very lucky to have a woodwind trio come into out class today to perform for us. Through song and dance they helped us tell the story of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld. We learnt all about the different Greek gods associated with the story and about the different types of woodwind instruments.

The weird sisters come to life …

In our art lessons we produced masks of the grotesque witches. Firstly we designed the mask using felt tips, we thought about how we would exaggerate particular features to make them more disgusting. We then created the mask using cardboard and newspaper to create the contours. Finally we used mod rock to hold the shape and painted over our final design.

Macbeth’s curtain call!

As the curtain falls on our Macbeth performance I think now is the perfect time to reflect on the whole experience. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the children grow in confidence and show a real passion for one of Shakespeare’s most challenging plays. They have allowed themselves to become immersed in Shakespeare and have demonstrated a real desire to learn more about the man himself and his universal plays.

The experience has allowed the children the opportunity to fully engage with a play many would deem too complex for children of their age, understand the reasons for characters dispositions and ultimately enable them to work like professional actors. That’s not say it has all been smooth sailing with several setbacks along the way. However, through perseverance, dedication and creativity they have demonstrated a tenacious passion for drama.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and staff alike for whom none of this would have been possible from helping them children learn their lines, supporting backstage and being flexible to accommodate our rehearsal schedule.

The children have undoubtedly produced a piece of work that stood up against their older peers and for that they should be truly proud.