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Welcome to class 5RA at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mr Ash, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Sharing our learning

Today in 5RA we were incredibly lucky to be joined by 3LT who came to celebrate our learning. Firstly, we showed them our rap and dance that were both based on Icarus and Daedalus telling the story through a new artistic medium. It was so lovely to hear all the comments the Year 3 children made with one saying it was even better than our Macbeth performance.

After our performance we split into houses with Wentworth and Sunningdale going to the art studio to discuss our creation in the art studio. It was a real pleasure to see both sets of children fully engaged in artistic discussion. In the other group, the Year 5 children shared their Greek myths while the Year 3 children read their Murder mystery tales. Again it was lovely to hear the positive praise from both sets of children.

Thank you Year 3! You were a brilliant audience we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Second week in the art studio

This week the children have worked extremely hard in all aspects contributing to their celebration. Firstly, we used different dramatic techniques to help bring our writing alive. My group to understand the fear of Theseus in the darkness of the labyrinth were asked to feel around in some mystery boxes that were filled with fish and jelly something Farrah clearly enjoyed.

We undertook some complex art activities and produced some incredible work. Firstly, we used a variety of mediums to create a piece that incorporated collage, oil pastels and chalk. We then used guttering and paint to create some stained glass windows around the theme of feathers linking it to the story of Icarus and Daedalus.

We also continued our dance performance which involves a series of complex dance sequences filled with lifts and synchronised movements. Tomorrow is our art celebration which starts at 1:30pm but you are welcome to come to the cafe at 1:10pm for tea and coffee beforehand.

First week in the art studio

Over the last week, we have been working in the art studio with Mrs Johnston. We have focused on our Ancient Greece topic with a particular focus on myths. In our writing we have started to write our own myth based around the stories we have already heard. We learnt that great writers work using this process of imitation something which can be seen quite explicitly in our class novel ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars.’ We have used drama to enhance our writing building different settings such as a tower, a labyrinth and a cave.

In our artwork we created washes using watercolours and use a variety of art mediums such as oil pastel, chalk and felt tip to help create the seascape and horizon for an Icarus and Daedalus inspired piece of art.

We have also be working on a dance with Mrs Lynch that is also inspired by the story Icarus and Daedalus. The progression of this dance has been something to behold starting off as a simple idea it has become more and more complex.

Our art celebration will take place next Friday. It would be lovely if you could join your child to celebrate their ‘Greek myth’ learning journey from the past fortnight on Friday 13th December at 13:30. Refreshments will be available from from 13:10 in the school cafe.

Collaboration task

Today in 5RA we looked at our new learning behaviour of imitation which falls under the relationship bracket. We were tasked with building a structure using only dowel, newspaper and masking tape. The structure needed to support an orange and had to be 40cm. Before we began we discussed the rules of collaboration particularly making sure we respect each others opinions and the strategies to overcome disagreements. I’m proud to say three out of the five groups were successful in their mission.

Royal Armouries visit

Today half the class got the opportunity to visit the Royal Armouries in Leeds. We were able to imagine ourselves as Spartan warriors with all of us including Mr Ash being put through our paces. Similarly, we also took part in an immersive retelling of Perseus and Medusa which really brought the story to life. The other half of the class are certainly in for a treat tomorrow.

Macbeth’s curtain call!

As the curtain falls on another Macbeth performance for myself I think now is the perfect time to reflect on the whole experience. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the children grow in confidence and show a real passion for one of Shakespeare’s most challenging plays. They have allowed themselves to become immersed in Shakespeare and take on the role of a professional cast.

The experience has allowed the children the opportunity to fully engage with a play many would deem too complex for children of their age, understand the reasons for characters dispositions and ultimately enable them to work like professional actors. That’s not say it has all been smooth sailing with several setbacks along the way. However, through perseverance, dedication and creativity they have demonstrated a tenacious passion for drama.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and staff alike for whom none of this would have been possible from helping them children learn their lines, supporting backstage and being flexible to accommodate our rehearsal schedule.

The children have undoubtedly produced a piece of work that stood up against their older peers and for that they should be truly proud.

Drama workshop

Last Friday we worked alongside a drama specialist who taught us many top tips to utilise during our rehearsal and performance. The first half of the morning focused on different techniques which allowed us to speak with a greater level of expression. We then applied these skills in our Macbeth rehearsal picking apart scene 5 and scene 9.

Temple Newsam

This week we were very lucky to go on a trip to Temple Newsum. The trip allowed us to roam around and discover the history of a building that was over 500 years old and was built near the time of William Shakespeare. We undertook two exciting activities that brought our learning to life. Firstly, we used the ornate decorations of the house to design and then make a fantastical beast out of clay.

Secondly, we learnt about the interesting history of the stately home and took part in a thrilling murder mystery investigation.